Navigating Spring Challenges in Livestock Farming with Jefo Solutions  

March 20 2024

Changing from the cold, often harsh conditions of winter to the warmer, more variable climate of spring brings with it a unique set of challenges for livestock farmers. At Jefo, we want to help you navigate through this transition time with information and precision intestinal nutrition.  

Weather Fluctuations

Spring weather is often unpredictable, with rapid temperature shifts that can stress livestock. Animals are vulnerable to cold snaps and can struggle with atmospheric changes that often accompany spring rains. Whether your farm focuses on ruminant, poultry or swine, stress should be managed closely, providing the nutritional supplements they may require such as protected B vitamins, liquid vitamins and enzymes to ensure better feed digestibility.

Parasite and Disease Management

The mild, moist conditions of spring are conductive to the proliferation of parasites. More than ever, animal health should be monitored, and preventive actions should be taken to avoid losses in productivity and high veterinary expenses. The combined use of enzymes and specific blends of organic acids and essential oils have proven to be highly efficient to prevent and mitigate pathogenic challenges related to E. coli and Salmonella, among others.  

Nutritional Adjustments

As pastures revive, cows may transition from winter feed to fresh spring grass. This shift requires careful nutritional management to avoid digestive issues and ensure that animals receive a balanced diet. Supplements are often necessary to meet the nutritional demands, particularly of lactating cows and their calves. 

Breeding and Birthing

For many livestock species, spring signals the start of the breeding and birthing season. This period demands increased attention and labor from farmers to assist with births, manage the health of newborns, and oversee breeding programs to ensure the continuation of health genetics within the herd.

Facing the challenges of spring in livestock farming requires a blend of traditional wisdom and modern management practices, including innovative feed strategies. By preparing for weather fluctuations, managing health risks proactively, and ensuring optimal nutrition, farmers can navigate the complexities of the season ensuring the welfare of their animals and the productivity of their operations.  

You can rely on Jefo experts and Jefo Solutions to make your life easier, and spring even more enjoyable.  

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March 20 2024

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