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Blend of organic acids and essential oils for swine feed
Blend of essential oils for swine feed
Enzynat Pro 125
Protease enzyme supplement for poultry and swine feed
Zinco Plus S
Zinc supplement for swine feed
Tetracid 2000
Organic acids for swine feeds
Yeast culture dehydrated and dried Streptomyces fermentation solubles extracted for swine
Formula HP
Vitamins A, B1, D3 & E, Betaine, Methionine and Choline for poultry and swine
Liquid vitamin E and Selenium supplement for poultry and swine
Liquid acidifier for poultry and swine drinking water
Liquid supplement of Vitamins A, D3, E, K and B-complex for poultry and swine
Salox 100
Vitamin D3 supplement for the drinking water of poultry and swine

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Water Treatment Products


Confort Animal



Nutrase Xyla 500 – Xylanase
Nutrase Xyla 50 – Xylanase
Nutrase Xyla 100 – Xylanase
Nutrase Xyla Liquid – Xylanase
CTCZyme Beta-Mannanase


SelenoSource AF 2000
Zinpro AVAILA-Sow
Zinpro AVAILA-Cu 100
Zinpro AVAILA-Fe 100
Zinpro AVAILA-Mn 80
Zinpro AVAILA-Zn 120
Zinpro E
Calcium Sulphate
Calcium Iodate
Cobalt Carbonate
Copper sulfate citric
Copper sulphate
Ferrous sulphate
Iodine-DF (Dust Free)
Magnesium oxide – Baymag 56
Magnesium sulphate
Manganous oxide
Phosphate – Mono-ammonium
Phosphate – Monocalcium
Phosphate – Dicalcicum dihydrate
Potassium & magnesium sulfate – Dynamate
Potassium chloride – Dyna-K
Red iron oxide
Cobalt Sulphate
Zinc Oxide
Zinc Sulphate
EDDI – Ethylenediamine dihydroiodide

Additifs alimentaires

Amonase 300
Diamond V Original XPC
Diamond V Original XP
Diamond V XPC Green
Diamond V XP Green
Flavors – Essentials™
Ameribond 2X
Ammonium chloride
Calcium formate
Calcium propionate
Citric acid anhydrous
Diamond V DiaMune Se
Dry Fat 10/60
Fat Pak 100
Fish oil
Hi Fat – Dry Fat 4/80
Hi Fat 7/60 20% Co Deodor. Tallow
HP 100
HP 300
Mineral oil
Sipernat 22
Sodium bentonite (granular)
sodium bicarbonate
Sodium sulphate
Soybean oil
Val 160
Whey permeate

Amino acids & vitamins

L-Valine “Granular”
L-Tryptophane “Granular”
G L-Threonine “Granular”
L-Threonine “Granular”
L-Lysine Mono HCl
L-Lysine sulfate 70%
DL-Methionine “MetAMINO Evonik”
Choline chloride 60%
Biolys “Evonik”
Sipernat 22 S
Sipernat 22 HR
Sipernat 50
Jefo Folic Acid Powder
Jefo D-Calcium Pantothenate
Jefo Biotin

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