Innovation & development


From R&D to I&D. Hardly a revolution. Just a more accurate way of expressing what we do on a daily basis. I for Innovation, Innovación, Inovação… for listening, restructuring, testing and finding new ideas and new solutions – and sharing them with our clients.

I for insight, for the desire to focus efforts on an applied scientific curiosity that is dear to our president and to our technical team.

Being at the forefront of market demands is not the result of chance, but the consequence of careful observation of trends on a global scale, of the desire to really know one’s clients, and to respond to their needs. Responding to, and even anticipating, their needs is a direct result of Innovation and Development, which are at the basis of Jefo’s commitment to its clientele.

Jefo continuously invests in its research facilities specifically adapted for studies on animal nutrition for poultry and pork. In the units designed for pork, Jefo carries out researches on post-weaning and growing-finishing, while in the units for poultry it is possible to work with cages or floor pens for layers and broilers to develop techniques that meet to the needs of the industry. Jefo also works with numerous private research centres and universities worldwide to broaden the scope of its expertise and harmonize its findings with the geographical reality of its customers.

Our Science

Through its applied scientific curiosity, Jefo continues to innovate and develop nutritional solutions that take into account the genetic make-up, physiology and metabolism of each species, as well as the dynamic requirements of each market.