International Animal Nutrition Research Centre (IANRC)

Through its International Animal Nutrition Research Centre, Jefo makes research facilities available to universities, technical schools, the animal feed industry, private and public corporations, and pig and poultry producers.

Supported by our I&D team, who works based on the Applied Scientific Curiosity principle to validate the Gut Harmony concept, the IANRC and its staff have extensive experience in the production and nutrition of pigs and poultry. The IANRC facilities include:

Swine Research Facilities

pens of 12 weaning piglets each

pens of 8 pigs for grow-finish

Poultry Research Facilities

cages with 4 broilers each

floor pens with 25 broilers each (Building 1)

floor pens with 25 broilers each (Building 2)

layers housed in 216 cages

Research Center



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