Changes to the current regulations are aimed at reducing or eliminating the use of antibiotics. Consumers are demanding products issued from systems that respect the environment and animal welfare. The variation of ingredient prices can also result in increased costs of the formulas and affect the final quality of the feed.

As the market offers an increasing number of solutions and more information, it may be difficult to make an informed decision. To make life easier for all those involved in animal nutrition, Jefo’s specialists have designed specific programs for each stage of the production, always considering the reality of the industry.

Health & Prevention
Animal health is at the heart of our actions.

  • Optimal digestive balance
  • Responsible use of antibiotics
  • Prevention of health issues
  • Better immune response
Performance & Production
Obtain the best results from your feeding strategy.

  • Better animal performance
  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Feed cost reduction
  • Energy and protein optimization
Ensure an optimal reproduction thanks to our precision nutrition.

  • Prevention of health issues that affect reproduction
  • Improved energy balance
  • Better reproduction performance

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