Weekly Webinars – Wood breast & gut health

Wood breast & gut health

Dr. Mike Kogut

Dr. Michael H. Kogut is a Research Microbiologist and Lead Scientist within the Food and Feed Safety research Unit at the Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center, College Station, TX, USA. Dr. Kogut has published over 190 peer-reviewed scientific papers,11 book chapters, and has received 5 patents. Dr. Kogut’s research is centered on gut health of poultry and alternatives to antibiotics to control disease and increase production.

Specifically, Dr. Kogut’s research has concentrated on the development of cost-effective immunological interventions to improve gut health by studying the role of the microbiota in immunity to infection; the role of dietary metabolites in promoting immune regulation and immune responses to pathogens; tissue specific regulatory responses to infection; characterizing novel molecular targets that mediate the actions of dietary compounds and botanicals in inflammation and immunity; investigating how diet modulates the gut microbiome and mucosal immune responses; and understanding the integration of central metabolic pathways and nutrient sensing with antimicrobial immunity and how it alters cellular energy homeostasis and contributes to the prevention or resolution of infectious diseases.

In this webinar, Dr. Elizabeth Santin and Dr. Mike Kogut will be talking about wood breast and gut health.

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