December 12 2023

Unlocking the Potential: Jefo Protease Enhances Broiler Performance and Gut Health

In the dynamic world of poultry farming, maximizing feed efficiency while maintaining animal health stands as a top priority to ensure the farm’s economic sustainability. In the current context of high raw material prices, the use of enzymes has emerged as a key strategy. A study conducted at Brazil’s Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul brings forth compelling evidence regarding the benefits of protease supplementation on broiler chickens.

The Role of Enzymes

Enzymes and additives have revolutionized broiler nutrition, allowing nutritionists to formulate diets with reduced protein levels. This approach not only cuts down on feed costs but also addresses environmental concerns by lowering nitrogen excretion and minimizing the risk of enteric infections. However, achieving the right balance between protein reduction in the diet and the effectiveness of additives remains crucial for achieving peak animal performance.

The Study

The above-mentioned study compared four distinct treatments to assess the impact of Jefo Protease on the performance and intestinal health of birds fed standard and low-protein diets (with a 6% reduction in crude protein and essential amino acids) according to the Brazilian Tables for Poultry and Swine recommendations. A four-phase feeding program was employed, and zootechnical performance and intestinal health indicators were evaluated during the 42 days of the trial. On day 28, ileum samples were collected and analyzed by the I See Inside Scoring System Methodology.


The study revealed noteworthy findings in both performance and intestinal health aspects:

  • Performance: The 6% reduction in dietary crude protein and main digestible amino acids had an adverse effect on body weight and feed conversion ratio. However, Jefo Protease supplementation avoided these losses, promoting similar growth performance when compared to the standard diet group.
  • Intestinal health: Birds supplemented with Jefo Protease exhibited superior gut health based on the ISI index, particularly in lamina propria, epithelial thickness, and enterocyte proliferation. Based on this and numerous other studies, Jefo Protease emerges as a valuable addition to broiler diets, promising positive effects on growth performance, cost reduction, and intestinal health.

A. Non-supplemented bird: Enlarged lamina propria in a fused villi.
B. Jefo Protease-supplemented bird: Reduced amount of fused villi and more villi with thinner lamina propria.
C. Non-supplemented bird: Proliferated epithelial folds.
D. Jefo Protease-supplemented bird: Fewer proliferated epithelial folds.
E. Non-supplemented bird: Thicker epithelium.
F. Jefo Protease-supplemented bird: Thinner epithelium.


Jefo Protease emerges as a versatile solution, capable of improving zootechnical performance with a standard diet or acting as a strategic addition to low-density diets, reducing feed costs without compromising performance. Moreover, Jefo Protease positively impacts intestinal health, reinforcing its added value in broiler nutrition.

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December 12 2023


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