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Advanced transition cow
management &

Reproductive problems are the main involuntarily culling reason in dairy herds. In Australia, the culling rate is 18 %, the average conception rate is 50% and the pregnancy rate is 38%.

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Challenges during the transition period

Average Loss : $300 per cow

Ref.: InCalf books – Dairy Australia – Farm case study 2018
Jefo Calculator, 2006

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In the early lactation period, energy requirements increase for milk production forcing the cow to utilize her own reserves.

Causing a domino effect resulting in poorer fertility

Ref.: Bradford et al., 2015

Negative energy balance increases the risk of developing metabolic disorders, such as clinical and subclinical ketosis.

Disease Plus body condition loss is more serious, resulting in 20% fewer cows pregnant (Riberio et al 2017)

Cows diagnosed with subclinical ketosis during the fresh period are 3 times more likely to develop metritis.

Financial loss due to early lactation metabolic challenges

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Ensure transition period success by feeding protected B vitamins blends.

B complex vitamins are essential for overall metabolism, acting as enzymatic cofactors at the cellular level. Main benefits include increased dry matter intake, reduced energy lost that translates into less metabolic disorders.

Ref.: Morisson et “al.”, 2018 (ADSA and JDS)

Jefo Protected B vitamins will help fresh cow problems such as sub-clinical ketosis, mastitis and metritis:

✔ Reduce metritis & mastitis
✔ Reduce service per conception
✔ Improve pregnancy rate
✔ Reduce involuntary culling

Rumen protection for precise intestinal delivery

Rumen protection for precise intestinal delivery

Ref.: Morisson et “al.”, 2018 (ADSA and JDS)


It’s this easy, we will never calve another cow without Jefo Protected B Vitamin Solution for Transition.

Since starting on the product, we now have easier calvings with fewer health issues and stress-free cows; improved dry matter intake; less open days; and saving money on vet and drug bills.

Jefo Protected B Vitamin Solution for Lactation has given us healthier cows through the winter months, improved hoof health, better body condition and longevity. All this helps with a better work-life balance for us and a healthy return on investment.

Ben & Melissa Holloway
500 Cows- Allansford, West Victoria

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Feeding protected B vitamins improves milk and
reproductive performance.

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Help from our vet!
Here are a few tips from our animal specialist to help identify metritis
When do you have to worry about Metritis?
1. Temperature over 40°C
2. Less appetite
3. Foul-smelling, fetid, or abnormal discharge
Metritis - Preventive measures
1. Appropriate supplementation of trace minerals and vitamins (including B vitamins).
2. Feeding a diet to with appropriate levels of calcium and a negative Dietary-Cation Difference to prevent milk fever.
3. Minimization of negative energy balance around calving time by managing pen moves and preventing over-crowding and feeding appropriate transition rations. 
4. A clean, dry maternity environment.
5. Well managed assistance when a calving difficulty occurs.