Improving the Urogenital Health and Reproductive Performance of Sows with Jefo’s Precision Nutrition

Improving Urogenital Health and Reproductive Performance
with Jefo’s Precision Nutrition

Jefo’s Protected Organic Acid solution for sows focuses on Precision Nutrition to improve urogenital health, farrowing rate and mortality in sows and piglets.

Sporadic urogenital infections are among the most common infections found in the sow herd, but often difficult to pinpoint and diagnose. This can cause a domino effect within the herd.

Problematic domino effect:

Protected Organic Acids are key to sow health and optimized reproduction

Urogenital health is associated with infections in the urinary and reproductive tracts, which can result in health challenges and low or inconsistent reproductive performance.

Genetics have improved litter size but in turn reduced birth weight of piglets; leading to increased pre-wean mortality. Reducing pathogenic bacteria in sow feces can reduce scours and pre-wean mortality in piglets.

Sow health and productivity in the herd is essential for optimal production. This is why urogenital health is important!

Step 1

Improve sow health

Reduce vulval discharge

Reduce urine bacterial load

Reduce urinary tract infections

Improve sow body condition

Step 2

Improve Reproductive performance

Decrease returns

Decrease abortions

Improve farrowing rate

Step 3

Reduce pre-wean mortality in Piglets

Reduce transfer of pathogenic
bacteria from sows to piglets

Reduce incidence of diarrhea
in piglets

Improved piglet survivability

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Goals to profitability :

  • 3 oestrus cycles after puberty
  • 30 piglets/sow/year
  • 140 kg live weight at first AI
  • 180-185kg live weight at farrowing
  • Sow longevity in the herd

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