Weekly Webinars – Coccidiosis : how to solve this issue?​

Prof. Billy M.Hargis

Professor and Director, JKS Poultry Health Laboratory; Tyson Endowed Chair for Sustainable Poultry Health

Research Interests : Poultry health and ante mortem food safety intervention with interests in poultry immunology and endocrinology

Education : Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1987
D.V.M., University of Minnestota, 1986
M.S., Poultry Science, University of Georgia, 1983
B.S., University of Minnesota, 1980

Experience: Assistant Professor and Professor, Department of Veterinary Pathobiology and Poultry Science, Texas A&M University, 1987-2000

Professor and Director of the Poultry Health Research Laboratory, Center of Excellence for Poultry Science, 2000

Named Sustainable Poultry Health Chair, 2006

In this webinar, Dr. Elizabeth Santin and Professor Billy M.Hargis will be talking about coccidiosis and how to solve this issue.

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