Jefo welcomed international customers and experts to share knowledge on dairy production

12 11月 2018

Jefo strengthened its relationship with customers and experts through a technical tour aimed at sharing knowledge on matters related to the dairy industry.

The 2018 Jefo Dairy Tour was held last October in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada, and gathered over 65 experienced professionals from 12 nationalities to discuss business and nutritional challenges and opportunities, all while promoting networking activities.

The strong focus on education is one of Jefo’s main concern. “We believe that sharing knowledge is essential to develop the next era of animal nutrition. At Jefo, we want to ensure that participants will leave the event feeling that they have learned something new and worthwhile. “We really appreciate that our visitors took time out of their very busy schedule to attend our event,” said Mr. Abdallah Zankar, Jefo’s Global Technical Manager, Ruminant.

After the opening session presented by Mr. Jean Fontaine, President & Founder of Jefo, attendees were invited to visit Jefo’s facilities: Jefo Logistics (transportation & transshipment), warehouses and distribution centres and the Jefo Campus, a 15 million Canadian dollars investment launched in 2017 as Jefo’s headquarters and a privileged location for agribusiness knowledge exchange.

The second day was dedicated to technical conferences focusing mainly on the critical period for the dairy cow which is before and after calving: Helene Leclerc, Jefo’s I&D Technical Manager, Ruminant started with Recent Studies on Protected B Vitamins, followed by Dr. Lorraine Sordillo, Michigan State University, Inflammation in the transition cow: friend or foe?; Dr. Robert Corbett, Dairy Health Consultation, Management Practices to Enhance the Health and Productivity of the Transition Dairy Cow; Dr. Adam Lock, Michigan State University, Recent fatty acid and fat supplementation research in lactating cows; and Dr. Matt Lucy, University of Missouri, The importance of glucose in the immune response and reproduction of dairy cows. Finally, an exchange panel featuring international dairy producers on transition cow management was held before the closing remarks.

On the third and fourth days, the Jefo team took their guests on a farm tour, varying in sizes from 85 to 750 cows located in the Quebec and Ontario provinces, and featuring different production models including robot milkers, technology levels and management systems. Jefo’s guests also appreciated sightseeing activities in the cities of Ottawa and Montreal, a great opportunity to spend time and discuss with other industry leaders from all over the globe.

Jefo’s 2018 Dairy Tour provided useful information and showcased the company’s efforts to provide high-quality products as well as outstanding customer service.

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