Jefo wins the Alizés award for its exceptional international market outcomes

1 5 月 2019

On April 30th, 2019, Jefo won the grand prize “Alizé of the Year” for its marketing strategies, impressive growth and structuring consolidation that let the company to stand out in the international markets in 2018.

Organized by the Agri-Food Export Group Quebec-Canada and presented by Farm Credit Canada, the Alizés Awards celebrate the work accomplished by Canadian agri-food companies that distinguished themselves on the global scale.

The event, held on the sidelines of SIAL Canada in Toronto, was named after the winds that established the main maritime trade routes between continents over the centuries, linking Canada to foreign markets. It gathered over 450 of the biggest players in the industry.

Founded in 1982, Jefo aims to improve animal health and increase human longevity by feeding growing populations with better protein sources. To do so, Jefo makes massive investments in research and innovation to be the preferred supplier for those striving to reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics in their production systems, all while preserving their business sustainability.

Focusing on market trends and needs to provide excellent customer service allowed us to market our solutions in 80 countries throughout our history. At Jefo, all we do is based on our Applied Scientific Curiosity concept and Life, made easier philosophy,” claims Mr. Jean Fontaine, President and Founder of the Jefo Group.

In the past years, the Jefo Group has been experiencing remarkable momentum. In 2017, the state-of-art Jefo Campus opened, an investment of 15 million Canadian dollars, designed to become a centre of knowledge exchange and training, and the flagship of the Jefo Experience. In early 2019, Jefo announced the construction of a new production plant estimated at 30 million Canadian dollars, which will generate 25 new jobs in the near future and 60 in the long run.

“I am thrilled to receive the Alizé of the Year. It means that we are helping to make the Canadian agri-food industry shine globally. Maybe not everyone knows but, if you consume chicken, pork, eggs or milk, you probably have a little bit of Jefo inside you, and I am very proud of this,” adds Mr. Fontaine.